Storage for Important Documents

Storage for Important Documents

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Self-storage units provide a convenient solution for storing important, classified documents. However, there are a few measures that should be taken for added protection. 

  1.  Check to make sure your storage facility has appropriate security features
  • Make sure the operating hours of the storage facility are convenient and that the storage facility is open during times when you or your employees will need to access your storage unit 
  • Inquire about whether the storage facility’s manager lives on site or if the storage manager is on duty during times you will need storage unit access 
  • Consider using a climate-controlled unit to protect your documents against extremes in temperature. Also ask whether the storage facility has a dehumidifier, as humidity can also be a damaging factor 
  • Find out whether the storage facility uses an electronic gate with access codes. This ensures that only storage tenants can access the storage facility grounds. Many storage facilities also have cameras to provide a visual backup to key code access 
  • Pay attention to where your unit is located and whether or not it is in a well-lit area 
  1.  Take measures to protect DVDs, CDs, and paper by packing appropriately
  • Carefully label boxes with waterproof markers to make retrieving documents hassle-free 
  • Place older documents closer to the back of the storage unit so that newer documents are more accessible 
  • Don’t use newspaper to wrap objects as the ink can transfer 
  • Use antistatic, airtight bags to store CDs and DVDs for added protection. Airtight bags also prevent the buildup of mildew and mold 
  • Stack boxes of documents and other media on a raised surface, such as a pallet, wooden boards, or cardboard 
  • Even if you’re only planning to use a storage unit for a few months, still pack as though you’ll be using it long-term, just in case 
  1.  Think about safety and security when packing your documents
  • Use password protection for CDs, DVDs, and digital media 
  • Make backups of your data and store the backups at a separate location 
  • For extremely sensitive information use safes or locking file cabinets 
  • Completely fill boxes with packing materials so box contents don’t shift during movement 
  • Don’t pack boxes heavier than 30 to 50 lbs 

Talk with the manager of your storage facility for additional information about securing your important documents in a self-storage unit. 

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