How to Use Self-Storage for Your Wedding

How to Use Self-Storage for Your Wedding

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It’s wedding season in Glendale, AZ. Well, it’s wedding season in America. I’m not on social media much, but it feels like every time I log into Facebook, another dozen people have gotten married over the previous weekend. I see a lot of young people spending way too much money on these events; from personal experience, I know that you can safely host a wedding in Glendale for under $5,000. The best way to do this is to host the events at home—which is what I did decades ago. Even if you don’t have the wedding itself, you can host wedding-related events. If you want to take this cost-effective and charming route (who doesn’t love a backyard wedding?), self-storage can really help you out.


Space availability is the biggest reason people don’t host their weddings at home. That’s what people think, anyway. I personally believe that clutter is the biggest reason; Glendale has some beautiful homes, and my hunch is that people just aren’t in the business of moving all of their furniture out to make a nice, big living room dance floor. I understand that, but if budgeting is more important than comfort, consider dumping your furniture and belongings in self-storage for a month. You’ll cut several huge costs (renting a venue), which you can then use to fund a honeymoon or splurge on additional wedding details (such as hiring your dream caterer).


Of course, you don’t have to put all of your furniture in storage. Maybe you just want to host the engagement, bachelorette, bachelor, or wedding party at your home. Self-storage will still be your best friend; de-clutter with a small storage unit. You might decide that you don’t have enough space for that huge coffee table, or maybe you need to get rid of a few kitchen chairs. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the space you end up with after putting just a few items into storage.


Storage is also a great resource for post-wedding help. If you’re finally moving in with your partner, you may not have space for all your belongings. Maybe you can’t find the perfect place to store your wedding dress. As long as it’s climate-controlled (and in Glendale, AZ, it better be climate-controlled), self-storage can preserve your belongings for years to come.