Preparing Clothing for Glendale Storage

Preparing Clothing for Glendale Storage

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Clothing is one of the most common items people put into storage, but it is also one of the most temperamental. Clothing storage is shaped by several factors, including time spent in storage, climate, and the material from which the fabric is made. However, there are a few universal rules when it comes to storing clothing.


  1. Wash your clothes before storing. This is an often-overlooked step in the storage process. Though they may be invisible, surface stains and dirt exist on your clothing. These stains will set into garments over time, making removal difficult. Washing clothes before storage ensures the fabric is in good condition. Additionally, ensure that all items are completely dry before storing. This prevents mold, stain, and mildew buildup.


  1. Decide to hang or fold. Sweaters, shirts, and pants should be folded to reduce pulling and winkling. Heavier garments, such as winter coats and suits, should be hung. However, don’t settle for cheap wire hangers. These may stretch the clothing and ruin the shape over time. Opt for sturdier plastic or metal hangers for long-term storage.


  1. Prevent moths. Mothballs are a great resource for long-term storage. They prevent moths from eating and damaging stored clothing. However, the chemical used to repel moths can be hazardous, particularly to children and pets. For a safer, more natural option, consider using cedar chips or lavender.


  1. Choose an appropriate storage venue. Your storage environment can affect clothing more than anything else. For expensive, delicate, or sentimental items, the recommended storage temperature is between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. However, as long as your storage space is clean and protected from the elements, your wardrobe should remain safe. Avoid storing clothing in the garage or basement, as your items may be subjected to fuels, grease, and vermin. Instead, opt for an affordable, climate-controlled storage unit.


In addition to following the above steps, you may want to invest in a wardrobe box or storage wardrobe. Depending on the duration of your clothing’s time in storage, these items can dramatically improve the livelihood of the items. You can generally buy these accessories at Home Depot for under $50.