Self-Storage for Small Business Owners

Self-Storage for Small Business Owners

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If you own an independent business, you are likely operating in close quarters. Whether you own a boutique, a construction organization, or a paper supply company, chances are that you could use some additional space. The best way to create this room? Self-storage. You may not know it, but a self-storage unit can be a life-changing addition to your operation. Below are three reasons why small business owners may need to invest in an affordable self-storage solution.


Additional or seasonal merchandise—Though this category exists primarily for the retail industry, it can apply to anything from overstocked books and clothes to bulk office supplies. That boutique or office closet may be about to burst, but for a nominal fee, you can declutter and organize your business space. You can also reorganize your business space.


Additional furniture—Maybe you own a performance venue. Maybe your shop hosts workshops. Maybe your restaurant has summer patio furniture. Regardless of your industry, you likely have furniture that you don’t use for 100% of the year. A seasonal storage unit is the perfect place to put these items.


Invoice archives—Business transactions should always be documented and archived. However, if your small business has been established for a few years, you may be running out of space for filing cabinets. Designating a place for these documents is a great way to free your office from clutter while preserving their information.


In addition to investing in self-storage, small business owners should put time and money toward purchasing several necessary upkeep products. Accounting software should be high on this list. Whether you need assistance with payroll calculations and withholding or your end-of-year taxes, small business owners can greatly benefit from payroll reporting software. Your time should be spent on your business, not on taxes and additional office clutter. Self-storage and tax software make a winning combination for any sustainable business.