Using Storage in Retirement

Using Storage in Retirement

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If you’re planning to join the thousands of retirees in America, Glendale might be in your field of vision. Our little city has consistently ranked in national “Top 10 Places to Retire” articles, and I can see why. It’s warm, it’s peaceful, it’s quiet, and there’s an abundance of senior-friendly activities. When I eventually retire, I can’t see myself leaving this beautiful place I’ve learned to call home.


If you’re on the verge of retiring, you might be ready to settle into a life of leisure and golfing. I’ll give a big warning here: you likely have a few chores to complete, and you don’t want to save them for the last minute. Downsizing a home is one of the most important steps you can make on your way to retirement. Maybe you’re moving, maybe you’re settling into a senior living facility, or maybe you’re just looking to get rid of old furniture to start fresh. If this describes your situation, a storage unit is one of the best and most widely-available solutions.


Self-storage is also incredibly affordable around here, so you won’t chip into your retirement fund too much. Selling items can be difficult and throwing them away seems wasteful and unsentimental. Personally, I have a lot of belongings I’d like to give away to friends and family at some point, so storage would be the best option for me. Plus, you can always get your furniture out of storage if you decide you want something back. You can’t do that when you sell.


As I’ve demonstrated, it isn’t hard to find a climate-controlled and accessible self-storage facility in Glendale. In fact, they’re pretty much everywhere you turn. If you can, hire movers, family, or a storage company to move the items in for you; this will alleviate any physical stress you might experience. Other than that small detail, self-storage is pretty much the easiest way to downsize your home and prepare for retirement.